Do You Have Questions?

Our thorough screening process involves obtaining a three-year address history and conducting individual credit checks. Additionally, we mandate references from your current Landlord or Letting Agent (if applicable) and a written reference from your employer. For self-employed individuals, an accountant’s reference and the latest submitted accounts are required. Rest assured, this meticulous approach ensures a comprehensive evaluation of each tenant’s suitability.

Our lease agreement is an Assured Shorthold, granting you residence for the lease duration (subject to fulfilling lease obligations). Should the landlord decide to terminate the tenancy, you’ll receive a two-month notice period to vacate the premises. Rest assured, our commitment is to ensure a transparent and fair tenancy experience.

We are committed to regular inspections of all leased properties to guarantee their condition and your proper care. Notification will be provided in advance of any scheduled inspection, allowing you to address any concerns or issues. Your satisfaction and property well-being are our top priorities.

In case of a maintenance issue, promptly notify us, and our skilled team will swiftly address and resolve the matter. Your satisfaction and the optimal condition of your property are our top priorities.

Pet ownership requires written permission from the landlord/us. Please consult us before acquiring a pet and submit a written request specifying the pet’s age, type, and breed for consideration. Your adherence ensures a smooth and agreeable living experience.

YES! You should consider taking out contents insurance to cover accidental damage to the Landlord’s contents, buildings, fixtures and fittings. The landlord is responsible for insuring the building.

The Deposit normally equates to 5 weeks rent and will be held throughout the tenancy in a government approved deposit scheme and will be returned at the end of the tenancy subject to the property being left in a good condition without any claim for potential damages beyond fair wear and tear.

As a tenant you are responsible for ensuring the rent is paid in full and on time. We have facilities to enable you to establish a standing order which will mean payments are paid directly from your bank to our designated account. You will need to cancel the standing order before leaving the property.

Utility bills, including Council Tax is your responsibility unless stated otherwise in the tenancy agreement. You will need to choose your supplier upon moving in and ensure accounts are closed when you vacate.